Section purpose:

Providing up-to-date information in the context of the main administrative divisions (regions) of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the incidence of COVID-19 by main age categories, diagnostic resources, on the general incidence in comparison with the same period last year (data on the level of growth / decline), on the quantitative state of the quarantine contingent, about the main consumables for diagnosing COVID-19, about the number of diagnostic procedures performed in a specific institution in a specific locality in a specific area for the main range of installed equipment and nosologies to the user in a convenient and understandable form for problems solution:

  • Assessment of the risks of occurrence, development and forecasting of the intensity of the epidemic and resource requirements for controlling the COVID-19 outbreak;
  • Assessment the readiness of local health care to carry out diagnostic and therapeutic measures and developing specific recommendations on the necessary types of provision;
  • Assessment the level of provision of local health care with medical personnel of the necessary qualifications and providing comparative information for making operational decisions by the management;
  • Assessment of the epidemiological situation on COVID-19 and automatic development of recommendations for response through integration with the information system of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance for tracking infectious diseases;
  • Providing the population and guests of the country with transparent information about the epidemiological situation in a particular region for COVID-19 in the context of age groups, about the location of the quarantine contingent, as well as providing information to specialists about the availability and functionality of diagnostic equipment and about the availability of basic consumable diagnostic materials for decision-making in necessity;
  • Provide service analysts with feedback from visitors to the Department;
  • Export all tables to Excel for further processing;

About the World Bank COVID-19 Project in Uzbekistan